Thursday, December 2, 2010

Early Concert Experience November 2 1968 Jimi Hendrix at the Minneapolis Auditorium

Electric Ladyland had just been released and the original band was still together.
"Red House" was a highlight for me, great blues guitar playing.
Hendrix played "Star Spangled Banner" and "Sunshine of Your Love" as a tribute
to the recently disbanded Cream. He played his guitar with his teeth, flirted with
the girls in front and made everything look genuinely easy.
These photos were snapped by my friend Lindsay Smith as we stood down front.


  1. I had great seats near the front, slightly left of center. It was my 14th birthday and I was forever cool in my friends eyes for taking them (the concert was my birthday party). I remember Jimi's equipment problems and the fabric tearing on his Marshall amps from the shear volume of sound. Yes, "Red House" and his tribute to Cream were standouts from the play list. Bruce

  2. I think my ticket cost $4.50? I moved to the open space in front of the stage. My very first live band of any sorts, thanks to my older brother. Awesome and more.

  3. I was there too. I remember the show pretty well. I recall he ended it early due to amp problems. This was apparently a common occurrence at Hendrix shows. Soft Machine with Kevin Ayers had been opening for Hendrix for most of his tour. We got Catmother. Bummer. A couple of weeks later I saw The Doors at the same venue.

  4. I was at that concert, it was my 14th birthday and I took 3 of my friends. It elevated me to coolest kid in school for a long long time. I have one picture from that concert. It was a very similar vantage point as your photos, similar camera too. Takes me back... way way back. Bruce