Friday, February 4, 2011

Minneapolis Labor Temple 1970 Music Ads

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  1. I am Dana Marver and formed Joint Productions with my Mother,since I was only 17 and could not legally sign contracts. When David Anthony went bust on the Tony Williams Lifetime Show at the Labor Temple(which was incredible, with John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, but maybe 40 people in attendance.

    I then decided to do concerts at LABOR TEMPLE the finest venue of it's day in Minneapolis for underground music. My first show was Savoy Brown. Personal favorites of mine and I am so pleased to see this site.

    I have so many stories being 17 and picking up Alice Cooper, Johnny Winter, Sha Na Na at the airport ect. After the it went bust the first time, the Mpls police called me to work security there. By the way, during my tenure, we had ZERO drug busts there, while my competition, Uncle Sams had 54. Maybe there is a lesson here somehow. I am looking for any memorabilia from the Labor Temple.
    I have several posters from when David Anthony ran the venue and I believe I may have the only remaining posters/handbills from the 1970 era when I operated the venue. If anyone has any pictures or anything, even memories, please write me at If anyone wishes to reminisce I am game too. Love Your Show